Tax Litigation

Tax law can be incredibly complex, with different rules and regulations at the local, state, federal and international level. An individual can file taxes on their personal income, investments, estates, transactions, property and more. Whenever there is a dispute about taxes, whether it is the amount owed, if a deduction was properly taken, or if a property should be exempt from taxes, you may need a seasoned tax lawyer to help you.

Everyone Has to Handle Taxes

Paying taxes is not an annual or semi-annual event for most Americans. Taxes are part of our daily lives, even if we do not realize it. We pay direct taxes, like property tax and income tax, to the government each year. But we also pay taxes indirectly almost every day. When we purchase goods and services, we often pay taxes. This money goes to the retailer or contractor and ultimately is paid to the government. In this way, taxes have an impact on nearly everything we do, from buying a cup of coffee to purchasing a home. 

Susan McKinney is skilled in handling tax matters in the state of Kansas. She offers tax litigation counsel to clients throughout the Kansas City metro area, providing experienced counsel on tax disputes involving local, state and federal governments.  

Tax Issues Don’t Have To Be Stressful.

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What Is Tax Litigation?

Tax litigation can involve several different areas of law. Criminal tax issues arise when a person is accused of violating the tax code in some manner, such as hiding income, taking fraudulent deductions or illegally avoiding paying taxes altogether. This type of case requires the expertise of a criminal defense attorney with a deep understanding of tax law.

Civil tax issues can happen in a number of ways, from audits to tax collections and tax appeals. These matters do not generally involve criminal charges, but can still be very stressful for anyone involved. Civil tax litigation requires an attorney to have an in-depth knowledge and firm grasp on the administrative rules that guide the IRS, the Kansas Department of Revenue and local taxation authorities. Susan understands tax law and knows the rules of procedure that govern tax disputes in state and federal court. Whenever possible, she will negotiate a favorable settlement to avoid the risk of a long court process. If necessary, she will aggressively litigate your tax dispute to protect your interests.  

Susan is also skilled at handling tax appeals, which can be filed to protest or ask for a reassessment of federal or state income tax, property taxes, employment taxes, estate taxes and gift taxes. If you believe that your taxes are wrong in some way, a tax appeal may be the best way to address the matter.  An experienced tax attorney can help you gather documents and evidence, prepare a strong filing before the proper local, state or federal tax authority and attend hearings on your behalf. The Kansas State Court of Tax Appeals (COTA) is the highest level tribunal that handles cases involve property, income, sales, inheritance and other types of state and local taxes.

Tax Law Attorney in Kansas City

Susan McKinney is an experienced tax litigator who is skilled at handling both civil and criminal tax disputes. She understands how stressful tax litigation issues are for her clients, and is responsive to their needs. If you are involved in a tax issue, from an audit to a collection matter or criminal charges, contact Susan today. She offers free initial consultations to all of her clients and will fight to protect your legal rights.